Online Platforms

Seesaw: Seesaw is an excellent interactive learning tool used by schools to connect teachers, students, and families. It offers the children a variety of ways to present their work and allows the teacher to differentiate to a greater extent. Children build up a digital learning portfolio that parents have access to from their phone or laptop.

Although it became the central tool for engaging with tasks while we were online, it has remained an important part of the curriculum now that we are back in physical school and enables Priory children and teachers to engage with the model of the Flip Classroom. Seesaw is accessible, exciting, and motivational for children and their teachers.


Education City: Education City has many online activities and learn screens that consolidate lessons already taught in class. It also gives the children/teachers/parents immediate feedback about their performance and areas they need to improve upon. We use Education City in class, but also for weekend homework so that the children can review their learning for the week in an interactive and engaging way. It tracks their progress and allows for assessment opportunities where necessary.

Epic: Epic is an online reading library where children can access a range of digital and audiobooks. The teacher can set books for the children; these can be related to the humanities curriculum or can just be for reading comprehension purposes. The children can complete quizzes at the end of a book and they can earn badges for the amount they read. Epic is, as it says epic!


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