Welcome to The Priory Preparatory School, an environment  that  maximises conditions of learning for our pupils and encourages teachers to demonstrate the full range of their skills and knowledge. Although we are only in our third year as a school, we are fully committed to establishing standards of excellence that will set us apart as a centre of education.  Our main goal as educators is to ensure that our children are happy learners. In The Priory Preparatory School we believe that students are happiest when they are engaged, challenged , excited and motivated  by learning.

[blockquote align=”right” author=”Alice Dina”]We are devoted to facilitating learning for each individual child, enabling them to develop independent skills of enquiry. Here, the role of the school is fundamental in closely monitoring the progress of each child so that strengths will be nurtured and weaknesses identified and overcome.[/blockquote]To this end we offer the English National Curriculum, but ensure that the Nigerian and International aspect of the school is included in our study of humanities. We also offer a broad  variety of extra-curricular activities, including Tennis, Swimming, Rugby Skills, Soccer, Basketball, Fencing, Taekwondo, Karate, Gymnastics, Baking and Cooking, Lego, Ballet, Art, Chess, Drama, Coding and Music. We are committed to providing best teaching practice in a wide range of subjects  so that each child will be stimulated and extended to realise his or her full potential.

The school embraces a principle of respect for diversity, at the same time creating a strong sense of community where children will feel welcome and cherished.