Welcome to The Priory Preparatory School, where young minds embark on an exciting journey to discover the joy of knowledge.

We understand that children are natural explorers, and we’re here to nurture their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Our dedicated team believes that the early years of education are the most crucial, and we are fully committed to providing an environment that maximizes conditions for young learners to thrive.

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''Our kids have thrived at Priory since day one. They are encouraged to develop a growth mindset, build character, and be good to others. Priory is all about helping kids grow into the best version of themselves. When our boys will say goodbye to Priory, I know they will be confident and ready for the best secondary schools in Nigeria (or abroad). I can wholeheartedly recommend Priory to any parent who's not just looking for the best education possible, but also for an encouraging and caring environment that will bring out, and hone their child's skills.''

Thessa Bagu Parent

"At Priory, my kids feel happy and excited. They're not just learning from books, but also how to be kind and confident. The teachers really understand and help them. I believe that, with Priory's support, my children will be ready for big challenges, here in Nigeria or even in other countries. If a parent wants their child in a school that truly cares, I'd say Priory is the best choice."


Anonymous Parent

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