Positive Reading Program

A Program designed by The Priory Preparatory School to encourage and foster a culture of reading. Children’s achievements will be celebrated collectively and individually on a weekly and termly basis.

  • Positive Reading Program
  • ecity

    Education City

    This online resource can be used in school and at home to extend children or to consolidate what they have learned. Their progress is tracked and visible to parents. This can differentiated for groups or individuals without the children knowing which level they are at.

  • Education City
  • cmonitor

    Classroom Monitor

    Used in more than 2000 schools, Classroom Monitor Primary is an online tool for recording formative assessment, tracking pupil progress and reporting to parents. It links your curriculum to your assessment framework using a simple online markbook and data tracker.

  • Classroom Monitor
  • 2V9A6315

    Cross-Curricular Approach

    The Priory Preparatory School believes in employing great teachers and thus is able to offer a cross curricular approach to learning. This provides the children and the teachers with the opportunity to reinforce concepts through a variety of subjects.

  • Cross-Curricular Approach
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