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Priory is a very special place where each child is valued in all the ways that they are an
individual. Teachers here work very hard to support and inspire their students to ensure that they achieve their very best…whether that be academically, creatively, emotionally, practically, physically, or socially.
We set high standards and expect children to rise to the challenges in front of them – as we want to prepare thoughtful, ambitious, hard-working individuals with a global outlook and a healthy sense of their own worth.

At the Priory we encourage excellent behaviour, manners, and attitudes to learning, and a belief in each child’s potential to be all that they possibly can be. Children thrive here as they are happy learners who are recognised and treasured as individuals.
Their academic progress is monitored closely and their excellence in core subjects celebrated and encouraged. In fact, we celebrate and encourage all of the diverse ways each child is special – whether they are a maths genius, sporting star, budding artist or technical wizard.
Their passion is fostered through our British curriculum (including specialist music, French, sport, computing and art tuition), enriched with a focus on Nigerian traditions and culture and widened through a substantial after-school programme of activities. Teachers are attuned to the needs and interests of their charges, and we place great value on the nurturing relationships they develop.
Small class sizes really help our students to make the best progress and receive the best care. Our House system also encourages healthy competition and gives children leadership opportunities and a sense of community across year groups.

We are devoted to facilitating learning for each individual child, enabling them to develop independent skills of enquiry. Here, the role of the school is fundamental in closely monitoring the progress of each child so that strengths will be nurtured and weaknesses identified and overcome.


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Opportunities in music and sport are very popular and our choir, band, and squads in football, athletics, swimming, and basketball are always highly competitive. Our extensive after-school programme means children can extend their day every day with interesting, challenging and fun activities. The vast majority of our students participate in clubs ranging from violin and dance to chess or writing. And Y6 stay late to make the best possible preparations for their secondary school assessments.
In fact, our graduating students go on to shine in the best secondary schools both here in Nigeria and overseas too…they have been well prepared to get the very best out of their next adventure in learning after their time with us.
Our focus on the whole child in their education ensures that not only do our students achieve excellent test results but that they do so with a far wider appreciation and understanding than an education training them to simply pass the test could ever achieve.
We would love to meet you in person and share with you some of our Priory magic firsthand. Please do book an appointment for a tour and a chat – I look forward to welcoming you to our family!

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