The school seeks to provide a climate in which children find encouragement to develop spiritual and moral values, personal and social skills and the highest standards of excellence of which they are capable, academically and in all other aspects of their school activities.

The Priory Preparatory School is a co-educational, inclusive school that welcomes pupils of all religious denominations. Children should find in our school an environment that promotes all types of talents. We believe in the benefits of a well ordered and structured school environment which facilitates and encourages learning.
We are committed to creating an atmosphere in the school whereby all children can feel respected, valued and challenged; in which their talents, aptitudes and skills are given every opportunity to emerge and develop, and where they can grow into happy, well-adjusted, self-confident and questioning learners.
We believe that the distinctive international character of The Priory Preparatory School reflects the commitment of the school to raising children’s awareness of cultural diversity, global interdependence and the responsibilities of citizenship.
We believe it is essential to promote an awareness within the School community of the rights and needs of others, of our obligations to the disadvantaged in our society and our wider responsibilities to the underprivileged worldwide, so that children will learn to appreciate the vital contribution such awareness can make both to their own character formation and the promotion of human rights around the world.