Queenlizzy Jassey-Jabarr

Year One Class Teacher

Queenlizzy Jassey-Jabarr is a Year One teacher at The Priory Preparatory School. She obtained her first degree in Economics and a Masters in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from the USA. With over eight years experience in the classroom and two years in administrative positions, Queenlizzy has gathered a repertoire of skills in teaching and managing students. She is a member of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), has taught at the American International School of Lagos and served as an Educational Director in a children’s museum.


Queenlizzy’s teaching philosophy is geared towards challenging students whilst watching them grow to their full potential. She is a strong believer in learning for life and her teaching style is centred around developing students’ critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.


Queenlizzy fosters a wonderful learning atmosphere in her class by making sure the children are aware and in control of their own behaviour. She prides herself on her children being able to recognise responsible, good behaviour so that they make good choices.

Queenlizzy Jassey-Jabarr
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